Selasa, 30 Juni 2015


Really really so much inspiration now! I came through like my name was blossom. Flower every where flower every where, get it on when the rain always with the rainbow. Over the hollow even the bridge. Many people get it by feet or by friends. Together come with whatever thinking and bring so much warm in their hugs. You know it's something blessing! Something that you don't know how much this feeling like a firework from your heart and ready to burst to every where. Well, forgive me about my english-not-well. Everyone still learning till their death.

Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

something great!

Its great! You know almost everyday i got so much blessing. It's like my life is to watch much tragedy with a happy, sad, or a blood ending. I know that's makes me stronger. Learn about getting know who they are, what world is, and where were i. It's exciting! I'm getting very really ready to get my new problem become tragedy bring lessons everyday. Now, i realize after days being stressed and abandoned, i get a new me, likes brand new me. Such a inspiration come through my blood and rains the world. Yes, it's a new me and you world will see how my blood get your flowers rises without be knowing from people. Let's see!

Kamis, 01 Januari 2015

Happy new years!

Happy new year you all guys!

I'm very happy to get a new much learning from everywhere well-i-don't-know but it's new year everyone celebrated it. Have been so many million thousand years ours generation of being human nature always learn about past, now, and the future. We will never stop learning from the past to a better future for our next generation. In the earth or in the universe came out so much mistery but we as a human always find to know everything we want to know and i especially better from years to years for myself. Its not about 125SM or 1745 or 2013 or even 3271 but its about how can the universe stop? How about us? About all the knowledge we've been know. About my 2010 when my father died, about my 2011 of emptiness, about 2012 full of anger ambitions, 2013 of my darkest life, or about 2014 me lives in my fantasy? All i know is i get it down or up always see through the rises hope god will do something that can stop me from hurt myself. A stupidity that covering this along have got my face sad about always thinking how can i get up rises and shine. My tears that rains my body always cover up what i feel inside. Its about me and god only can help. Know body knows, just keep waiting and smile.